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Mitchell Toomey, the Global Director of UN SDG Action Campaign and Young Creative Leaders  Co-Founder Edenamiuki Aiguobasinmwin at the Global Festival Of Sustainable Development Goal.

After discussions with Mitchell Toomey, the Global Director of UN SDG Action Campaign, Young Creative Leader proposed the idea of Mutual International development as a way to mobilise the global community to come together and achieve the SDGs. This can be done through a people centric, flexible volunteering model like MID.

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What is the Program about?

Mutual International Development(MID) by Young Creative Leaders, recommended for leaders and organisational growth. MID provides a platform for humanitarians, young creatives and social entrepreneurs to develop in to leaders. The project aims at implementing ideas that can have a socio-political impact in the developing communities.

MID is a flexible volunteering model, providing young people and professionals with a platform to implement innovative approaches to the Sustainable Development Goals highlighted by the United Nations which aim to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all.

With our partners, you can focus on any one of these goals, relative to your area of expertise, and design a project with Younger Creative Leader is to make a lasting impact on the communities across the world.

Why is this important?

Before the SDGs were highlighted by the United Nations, the Millennium Development Goals were set for both developing and developed countries to eradicate extreme poverty. A lesson learnt from this was that having time-bound, universal goals result in an effective mobilisation of the global community. The MDGs were revolutionary in tackling issues such as reducing child mortality and access to healthcare, however achievements have been uneven, which gave rise to the SDGs being born. The 17 goals highlighted above were agreed upon by 193 nations with an emphasis on collaboration locally, nationally and globally.

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Why Choose YCLxMID?

MID gives you a great opportunity to apply your area of expertise to any one of the SDGs. The flexible model of MID allows you to design your own projects with our partners to create a project that is unique to you. We will host various workshops such as Angga Kara Inspired’s Creative Practitioners self awareness program. The aim of this is to learn more about yourself and how to relate your strengths to your practice. This will result in increased self-confidence and will help you to deliver a successful project. The unique connections we have at Young Creative Leaders have will put you in prime position to kick start your career.

Your Role

You will design a project, with the help of Young Creative Leaders, teaching your skills in areas where it is needed most. This project will be based around any one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals highlighted by the United Nations. Whilst developing a unique project based around your skills on any one of the UN’s SDGs and raise awareness of the relationship between people and the planet. Through doing this, you will be part of an international network of young, creative leaders who can harness their skills to tackle pressing, global issues.