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An international festival from the Young Creative Leaders, focused on bringing experienced and inexperienced artists, entrepreneurs and youth leaders from different countries to share their diverse mediums and approaches to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

A festival that combines  Young Minds Matter Program, Young Creative Leaders Summit, Anarchy Film Festival, Rotation Exchanges, Namiuki Dance Theatre and Coelhogibao Gallery. To reflect and respond to current opinions on global issues.

Aim Supporting The Young Creative Leaders ambition of  developing 10,000 Social Entrepreneurs and Leaders for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  You can engage with Face Festival in the UK from 23rd - 30th June 2019 (Applications CLOSED), in Tanzania from 1 -7th July 2019 (Applications Closed) and in Portugal 2-8th September 2019.

Applications for Portugal still open!

Young Minds Matter Program

An educational challenge with youth leadership at its core. In this project young artists are given a platform to participate or produce an international multidisciplinary festival. The conditions of the simulation controlled by the young creative leaders, focuses on artists developing entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

This Programs brief history started in 2015 at Leeds Beckett University, with 20 local and international artists of different disciplines. In 2016 we worked with 60 artists at EKA Palace in Lisbon (Portugal), we also prototyped the simulation in Tanzania with the support of Youth of United Nations Association. 2017 saw us work with over 100 artists at Anjos 70 (Lisbon, Portugal). And in 2018, we implemented YMM in Belgium (Brussels) with participation from 35 artists, as well as in Lisbon at Anjos 70, again with over 100 participants.

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Young Creative Leaders Summit

As the world shifts and changes new creative approaches are necessary in addressing global, local, and national issues. Our summit brings together 100 individuals from across the world, with interests in artistry, entrepreneurship and leadership. From the success of the young minds matter program, we bring together a summit that can further the development of participants in developing new and innovative approaches, to positively impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Anarchy Film Festival

The Anarchy Film Festival brings together filmmakers and cinema lovers from around the world. Showcasing a variety of international films, which discuss and/or present issues around the topics of mental health, poverty, inequality, xenophobia and climate change.

The main Festivals will be happening in Portugal, Tanzania and the United Kingdom. The festival has been running successfully in Portugal for 4 years. In 2015 the Anarchy Film Festival was a very small part of the Young Minds Matter Project where a space was given to participants, to showcase their films to the Young Minds Matter Audience. In 2019 we have developed this festival further into a rolling film festival, touring films from around the world to our international audiences whilst expanding our library of socially conscious films through this process.

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Rotation Exchanges

An evening of cross disciplinary dance exchanges in response to live music from a range of local and international musicians. Participants will be tasked with different challenges throughout the evening. A platform that has been successful at engaging the contemporary and urban dance community.

Rotation Exchange Consists of Break Dance Battles and Live & Experimental Dance and Musical Exchanges

2019 Partners: EYM Associate Artists, Girls That Gig, Leeds Beckett University, Hope Kitchen, Koby Studio, Rotation DJ’s, Boom Bap & Breaks, Break Mission International and The Creative and Cultural Company. Apply

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Associate Artists

Namiuki Dance Theatre and Coelhogibao Gallery - Both platforms are part of the Elevate Young Minds Associate Support program.

In partnership with the Young Creative Leaders we have been able to design a new opportunity which focuses on artists being more, experiencing more, learning more, and pushing more, through the fields of entrepreneurship and leadership. This program is a 1 year mentorship platform that gives 12 artists from across the world, access to festivals developed by Elevate Young Minds, Young Creative Leaders, and the associated partners of both organisations.

In this process we will support selected artists with strategic development plans that question how the artist can develop micro-economies for better sustainability within entrepreneurship and leadership spheres. We're specifically looking at artists who have, or are prepared to develop multi-disciplinary skills.
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