The core section of the summit consists of 3 parts: Artistic, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership, giving participants access to keynote speeches, and practical workshops on the topics listed below, from various professionals and practitioners.

Accepted participants are able to choose any of the topics below, during the evening of every day, participants are able to enjoy artistic exhibitions from Local and International artists alongside a Black tie Gala hosted by Anarchy Cinemas and Elevate Young Minds

Leaders Forum

Day 1 - Implementing my first SDG

Day 2 - Financing Social Action

Day 3 - Policy making

Artists Forum

Day 1 - The Arts Paradox | Mental Health

Day 1 - My art and the SDG’s | Applying my art internationally

Day 2 - 4 - Artists as Entrepreneurs | Practical session

Day 2 - 4 - Artists as Leaders | Practical session

Entrepreneurs Forum

Day 1 - Four Years of Young Minds Matter

Day 1 - Branding | One Cam Crew

Day 1 - Growth Through Networks | Strategic development

Day 2 - Efficiency and Sustainability

Day 2 - Compound Organisational growth

Day 3 - Developing your Micro economy

Day 3 - Self Awareness

Day 4 - Learn Create Sell

Day 4 - Leadership to support Entrepreneurial Agenda

As the world shifts and changes, new creative approaches are necessary in addressing Local, National and Global issues.

The Young Creative Leaders Summit brings together 100 individuals from across the world, with interests in artistry, entrepreneurship and leadership. From the success of the Young Minds Matter program, we bring together a summit that can further the development of participants in developing new and innovative approaches, to positively impact the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This summit will run within our Face Festival, an international festival from the Young Creative Leaders, focused on bringing experienced and inexperienced artists, entrepreneurs and youth leaders from different countries to share their diverse mediums and approaches to global issues.

A festival that combines Young Creative Leaders Summit,  Young Minds Matter Program, Anarchy Film Festival, Rotation Exchanges, Namiuki Dance Theatre and Coelhogibao Gallery.

You can engage with Face festival and YCL summit in Lisbon, Portugal from 2nd - 8th June 2019.



Conference fee for Young Creative Leaders Summit, includes access to all the perks of Face Festival in the country you choose to apply for. Our summit in Lisbon (Portugal) has a fee of $202(Dollar) and must be paid by all delegates, with the exception of YCL Global Youth Ambassadors. The fee covers registration, participant kits, access to artistic exhibitions (from local and international artists), food (throughout the 7 days of the conference), certificate of attendance.